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November 6, 2008 at 11:03 pm Leave a comment

I am having a case of the Thursdays.  Some days I like my job, most days I tolerate my job because it allows me to drive around a shiny new car.  Yesterday I loathed my job.  For the most part I enjoy the slackerly tendencies of my office and its casual nature, but unfortunately this also leads to people not really having a concrete jon description and my day can range from “We would like you to write a report that dpending on how well you defend us will either cost us 250 times your salary, or save us a few bucks in the long run” to “If you have time, can you pick up some more toilet paper?”.  Yeah, I’m all over the toilet paper.  I think I can delegate the rest of the stuff you mentioned.  And so it began that yesterday was a toilet paper day. 

A co-worker in a different branch needed some paperwork and I told her where to find it online.  Five minutes later another co-worker called and asked for the same paperwork because they REALLY need it NOW.  I told her that I had already told co-worker #1 where it was on-line.  Co-worker #2 then asked if I could just e-mail them the link to save them having to look around for it.  Okay, this bugged me a little because I already TOLD you and now you are making me WRITE it out but then I thought, hey some people are visual learners and apparently can’t use those things on the side of their head – oh yeah, their f*ing ears! 

I put together an e-mail with a link to the page to find the file, as well as the actual file (I know, I know, teach a man to fish…I didn’t have time to teach!) as well as instructions that say “There is an additional form you may need that I do not have a copy of, but if you do need it, call the other branch and tell co-worker #3 to fax you one of the forms that are in Folder ‘Insert Name Here’, and it’s in the top drawer of the filing cabinet”.  Seems explicit enough.

Ten minutes after I send the e-mail co-worker #3 calls and says “Co-worker #1 and #2 are looking for some file.  Where would I find it?”




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