The Hunt

November 11, 2008 at 11:02 pm 1 comment

House hunting that is.  Searching for a house is the most overwhelming and stressful thing I’ve ever experienced.  There’s really nothing else that’s comparable.  I was reading a statistic that said people spend more time picking out a car than a house and it seemed like the researcher was surprised.  I was not.  You can always go to another dealership or order another car but you can’t just go and get another house that is the same. (Please note: I know in a lot of areas you can in fact just go and find a house that is the same because they’re all the same, but I live in the sticks where this is not an option.  There are no subdivision developers for miles around here).  If you want it, you have to go after it and go after it quickly.  You don’t have time to weigh out options because if you want a house you need to buy it OR SOMEONE ELSE WILL. 

With the economy the way it is Alex and I have discussed putting house hunting on hold but it really doesn’t make sense to wait.  So things get worse and we’re delayed two, three, ten years in buying a house.  It just doesn’t add up to keep throwing money away on rent when we can afford to buy a house and both have secure jobs.  Also, being in Canada helps because our economy isn’t quite the same as that in America. 

We have been searching real estate web sites for the last year trying to find someone in our price range (hard), in a good location (harder) that didn’t need a ton of work (hardest).  It’s not that we are afraid of a little elbow grease, I can paint with the best of them but am not equipped to be ripping out walls and neither is Alex (although he would probably tell you differntly).  We finally came across a house that was at the top of our budget but seemed to meet all of our criteria.  It had plenty of property, was relatively new, gave us room to grow and was in a good location.  And then we went to look at it.  If you are house hunting right now let me just say that pictures LIE – and not little white lies either.  This house had plenty of property that was either located a) in a swamp or b) up the face of a mountain.  It had no usable lawn space.  And it was relatively new, but the people who built is must have been relatively OLD because the carpets were a lovely shade of “dusty rose”. The kitchen cupboards were atrocious and who honestly thinks that a nice view from the kitchen window would be the garage?  Needless to say it was back to the hunt.

Last week I was looking at some more real estate sites (while working diligently – OF COURSE – hmm, job security WHAT?) and I came across a house that Alex and I have driven by a million times and always commented on how cute it was.  This house has plenty of property, is in a great location and while it is not new (it’s older than me, but apparently that’s okay in a house) it’s been updated and modernized.  There would still be some modernizing work that Alex and I could do, but that’s okay because that means there is potential for us to add value as well (thank you HGTV). 

When we called the realtor we were informed that a conditional offer had already been accepted on the house, but the condition was that the buyers had to sell theirs.  Since the market has been slowing down for the last little while this didn’t really worry us and the realtor said he would be willing to show it to us.  So we went and we saw and we were smitten.  We decided the smart thing would be to see the house again and then discuss making an offer.  Because Alex and I both travel so much for work, the only time we can see a house in on the weekend.  I called this morning and tried to make an appointment for Friday afternoon and was informed that we could see the house but the people who put in the conditional offer were in the process of getting an offer on their house, so it may be sold by then.  BAH!  It makes me want to cry.  We’ve been looking for over a year now and there is nothing out there.  We are in a good situation and were smart about things and have saved up for a reasonable down payment and we are READY and there is nothing there.  I know, I know – it’s a middle class sob story (courtesy of Tessie).  I hope karma isn’t going to come back and kick me in the ass because I have been sending out bad vibes all day to the buyers of that house.  And part of me didn’t realize how much I wanted it until I realized how close we are to not being able to have it. 

I know that this is part of the process, that disappointment comes along with it but it doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.  And technically everything still could fall through and we could end up with the house and all will be well with the world, but we are both trying to not get our hopes up.  If all goes well we will still be seeing the house this Friday and moving forward with things but I will be prepared if things fall through.  I may still cry, but at least I’ll be prepared. 


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  • 1. colleen  |  November 18, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    hi! i feel your pain with house hunting. we want to start the process again soon and as much as i am looking forward to a new house, i am DREADing the hunt!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting – you are so sweet! I hope you keep finding recipes your family enjoys!

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