House or Bust

November 18, 2008 at 5:32 pm Leave a comment

So the house hunting is still just a hunt with no end in sight.  We knew there was another offer, but with it being conditional on the buyers selling their house (and with the market the way it is) we figured we would be good to go considering that we rent and don’t need to worry about having that condition.  Alex and I were talking about it and just said that we figured no news is good news because that meant that our showing was still on.  Then we got a call Thursday afternoon from our realtor saying that the buyer had sold their house and dropped all of their conditions, so the only way we could compete would be to offer full asking price without any conditons, something we just weren’t willing to do with it being our first place and with us feeling relatively scared shitless and all. 

Everyone keeps saying it wasn’t meant to be, and I agree with that but I wish I knew ahead of time so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.  I’ve been frantically searching realtor web sites but nothing new has been listed in our area for over a week and now it won’t be the greatest time to buy a house because everything will be covered in snow.  I think we’ve now resigned ourselves to waiting until spring unless we find THE perfect house.  I know it’s out there somewhere, I just really don’t want to have to resort to building it myself!  I have skills, mad skills but those skills do not include building a home that needs to stand for more than five minutes and not collapse onto itself and kill anyone in the process. 


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