Starting Traditions

December 8, 2008 at 3:04 pm Leave a comment

As my birthday was approaching Alex kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday.  Normally, I would deflect these questions because he is INCREDIBLE at picking out gifts but this year I wanted something special for us.  In the past few weeks and months I think we’ve both become resigned to the fact that this is IT.  It’s going to be us forever.  There’s no more wondering whether marriage is in our future – it is our future.  It has been like an unspoken development between us that this thing that we’re in isn’t ending.  We’re partners.  We’re a team and I couldn’t have picked a more supportive, caring and incredible teammate.  He’s the one I want on my side and by my side and I’m so grateful that he wants to be there. 

So for my birthday, I didn’t want something that was just for me, so I ended up asking for a Christmas tree for my birthday.  For the last two weeks we’ve been deliberating and planning what we want our tree to look like.  By the time we went to pick up the tree I think he was more excited than I was! 

I was one of the kids who grew up with the “pretty” Christmas tree where decorations made in kindergarten classes never made it past the front door because they didn’t match.  I was always secretly jealous of friends in high school who put up their Christmas trees and were able to go through – ornament by ornament and be able to say who made them, or what they represented.  Alex grew up with a tree like that, and I was so excited to be able to steal that tradition from his side of the family. 

Saturday morning we got up early and drove into town to pick up our tree.  We picked out the tree and then spent the next two hours picking out decorations and I don’t think either one of us have ever had more fun.    We ended up with garland and ribbons and more decorations and tacky bows than the Griswold’s.  When we were paying for everything, the cashier looked at us, smiled and said, “This must be your first Christmas together” and I truly think we must’ve beamed at each other and squealed “YES!”.   We made the snowy trek home and spent the afternooon decorating our Christmas tree and watching “A Christmas Story” and “The Grinch who Stole Christmas”.  I spent the rest of the weekend basking in the glow of the Christmas lights drinking hot chocolate and reveling in the knowledge that this is ours. 

Who knew a Christmas tree would seal the deal?



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