The Mysteries of Blogging

December 11, 2008 at 1:17 pm Leave a comment

This morning while doing my daily check of blogs I came across this and it really made me think. 

This was a blog that seemingly got overnight success because so many people could relate to Cordy’s story and people were passing around the link like hotcakes.  Then it was revealed that the story was actually fiction and was being written as a side project by the author.  Personally I wasn’t really phased about it just because there is no way of knowing how much is actually truth that we read.  Many people felt like they had been cheated, but in reality it’s not like the author went and asked people to go and read it.  Even though she may not have been entirely truthful in the beginning I don’t feel like she was being intentionally deceitful either. 

People began getting their backs up about the fact that it was fiction and then people started to get mad about the timing of the posts and the “quality” of the posts and this just plain pissed me off.  First of all, unless you are fortunate enough to get paid for blogging, this is a hobby and people will fit it in whenever they can.  Everyone is out there living their lives everyday and have commitments in the real world that take priority over blogging, so sorry if you didn’t get your daily “fix”.  Be thankful when people do get the time to post and leave encouraging comments, don’t try and drag people through the dirt.  Secondly, no one has the right to judge the so-called “quality” of someone else’s posts.  It’s a totally different thing if I bash something I’ve written myself, but no one should tell me that something is “wimpy” when an effort was made to put something out there (especially after people began DEMANDING it). 

I know this is the internet and that readers are given free reign, and in some cases it’s such an incredible opportunity.  Honest opinions can freely be expressed, but I think they can be expressed in a way that doesn’t drive people into the ground.  No one should be forced  from writing something they enjoy because of the demands of others. 

Now – to the approximately 2.5 people who check this site out daily – what do you think?  And to those who may have slightly more than my 2.5 readers, do readers become too invested and expect too much?


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