My Christmas Wishlist

December 15, 2008 at 7:48 pm 3 comments

My family is all about efficiency during the holidays.  They don’t go out and browse and try to find something you like, they say “Tell me what you want dammit, or it will all be coal!”  For years I have refused to give lists because the things they have come up with without using the list have been INCREDIBLE.  They are all thoughtful and generous and I am so thankful for every gift I’ve ever received.  But, since none of my family knows about the site (and most can’t turn on a computer) – here is my passive aggressive Christmas wish list! 

Paderno Stock Pot
Paderno Stock Pot


Look how pretty and shiny it is!  Did I mention shiny?  A few years ago my parents came up with the idea to buy me a set of good quality pots and pans and Paderno is what they came up with.  I have loved these pots from the first time I used them and am longing to add to my collection.  For some reason though, I doubt a $200.00 pot is going to be under the tree for me!

Pampered Chef Food Chopper
Pampered Chef Food Chopper


Nothing like a creative name for a kitchen utensil.  The Pampered Chef Food Chopper pretty much speaks for itself.  Considering I can’t even be IN THE HOUSE when someone is chopping onions without tearing up, this thing is necessary for my sanity.  This baby – I want it!

Pampered Chef Medium Bar Pan
Pampered Chef Medium Bar Pan

This is the glory that is Pampered Chef stoneware.  This stuff is good from EVERYTHING from chicken to cookies and I am lusting after it.  Basically, I’m too cheap to get this for myself so I may have been dropping subtle hints about this one. 

Roots Elegant Clutch
Roots Elegant Clutch

Here comes the cheapness factor again.  I want this wallet, but with all of my Christmas spending I would have negative ninety trillion dollars to put in it.  Hence the complaining to Alex about my current wallet and it’s lack of pockets and the mentioning that I would love to have a wallet that matches my purse!

Roots Hampshire Parka
Roots Hampshire Parka

I NEED this jacket.  I crave this jacket.  Is there something out there more sinful than lusting?  Because that is what I am doing after this jacket.  I know, many of you are pondering why the emotion about a seemingly non- winter jacket, but there is so much to love!  The adorable plaid lining!  The removable hood!  The way it slightly cinches in at the waist, helping me look skinny!  The olive green colour which is the exact colour of my eyes!  It’s the perfect weight – warm without being bulky!  Please Santa, if there is anything under the tree let there be this.  (And if not, let there still be my size that I can order online).

The Office Season 4
The Office Season 4

I have a standing Thursday night date with Jim Halpert that can never be broken.  This is something I tracked down the day it was realized and Alex refused to let me buy because apparently my whole family thinks that anything to do with The Office means an easy Christmas present.  So be it.  (Can I just add that I am extremely jealous of Pam – a fictional character? Yes, I know it’s weird.)

The Incredibles
The Incredibles

This is one of my favourite animated movies, right up there with Ice Age.  When Dash asks his mom if he can run as fast as he can?  Kills me every time!  I was telling Alex about that part the other night (he’s never seen it) I actually started to cry in my kitchen.  I know, weepy loser who invests too much emotion into Pixar films.

And last but not least,


I know there is no chance in hell this one is happening, but a girl can dream right?  After going into a jewellery store a few weeks ago with Alex and trying on this little number and falling in L-O-V-E, it would be amazing to have this baby on my finger permanently!

So what’s on your wish list?  Any guilty pleasures that you can’t believe you’re asking for?


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Rachel  |  December 15, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    I was the SAME way about getting engaged. I was so anxious, and I got so worked up about it. I just knew it was going to happen right away! It was crazy! 🙂

  • 2. Adrienne  |  December 15, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    OH that right is gorgeous! Hang in there, it will come! 🙂

  • 3. Liam  |  December 16, 2008 at 5:28 pm

    We’ve got the food chopper and the bar pan… by far the bar pan gets more use… the large bar pan too… Cookies are WAY better on stoneware than a cookie sheet…

    just FYI.

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