Girls and their Bodies: A Story of Love and Hate

January 8, 2009 at 8:25 pm Leave a comment

It’s the time of year where everyone has made New Year’s Resolutions and some are already starting to fall off the bandwagon.  A lot of people make resolutions about health and fitness (myself included) and I really think that this year will be the one I stick to it.  I’m not a fan of fad diets where you only eat grapefruit, or you cut out all fruit and vegetables and I’m also not a fan of Weight Watchers.  Since I would only like to be 7-10 pounds lighter, the number of points I was given was far too low for me to even think about maintaining.  Plus I have some issues with the points system.  Fat-free pudding and a banana are the same number of points, and I would go for the pudding every time.  I found myself eating less healthy just to stay within my points.  And that makes me skinny and stupid. 

All of this got me thinking about how often we want to change our bodies instead of just being amazed by the things that our bodies are capable of.  Our bodies tell the story of our lives and it’s pretty incredible.  Yes, I have scars that may not be beautiful but they are mine and I earned them.  But for all of the things I wish I could change, there are also things I love.  I love,

  • that my right pinky toe is slightly shorter than my left because I cut the end of it off while swimming and they had to stitch it back on.
  • that I had survived through chicken pox without a single scar until my brother put me in a headlock and tore the scab from my forehead.
  • the way the end of my nose looks like a spade from a deck of cards.
  • that there are small scars across the back of my left hand that look like braille and I have no idea how I got them. 
  • that I have one slightly chipped tooth, my only reminder of my brief hockey career.
  • the scar above my eye where I turned around to watch my brother chasing after me and I ran straight into a tree branch.
  • the two small, permanent bruises on the top of my foot from jumping on a trampoline the first day I met my high school boyfriend.
  • the fact that my hair is thick, strong and resilient.  I can cut it, bleach it, colour it and no matter what it always grows back quickly and looks healthy.
  • the colour of my eyes.
  • the three lines circling my knee from surgery after an intense rugby season. 
  • my “child-birthing” hips.
  • the way my lips form a cupid’s bow and my brother’s do the same.
  • my belly button.

We spend so much time berating ourselves for not looking a certain way when we should appreciate what we have. 

What do you love about your body?


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