The things boys do.

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When you’ve been with someone for awhile you realize that there are things that your partner does that drive you CRAZYKnockdown, dragout, batshit crazy.  For the most part, you learn to accept those things but just because you’ve accepted them doesn’t mean you have to stop complaining about them.  Otherwise, what would you have to talk about? 

I think in most cases, girls end up with more things that bother them.  In our case it’s because Alex is more content to just go with the flow and I want things done a certain way.  My way.  But I think it would drive anyone crazy if their partner always left the tea bag in the cup when they put it in the sink, or walked around the house with their shoes on, or never bothered to hang up their towels, or hang up their coat.  And why is it so easy for him to throw clothes on the floor beside the hamper?  It’s right there!  It doesn’t even have a lid! 

Part of me gets upset because it feels like I’m always made out to be the bad guy.  The fact that I don’t want nasty old wet towels lying around isn’t because I’m picky, it’s because I’m not disgusting.  And I feel like I get put in the position where I have to be a nag because I don’t get help with the housework.  Trust me, cleaning the toilet is the last thing I want to be doing too but when you’re an adult certain things need to be done whether you like it or not.  Alex doesn’t seem to realize that doing the laundry or cleaning the kitchen will get him a million times luckier than bringing home flowers. 

But even though all guys seem to do something that drives us crazy, there are the million little things that keep us coming through the door with a smile on our faces.  It’s the way he whispers, “I love you” before bed every night, how he has started calling me sweetheart and it melts my heart everytime, it’s the way he smells right out of the shower, the way he kisses the back of my neck whenever I’m doing dishes.  It’s the way he sings silly perverted songs, the way he makes the bed over top of me, the way he makes me home-made cards, the way he squeezes my leg while we’re driving, the way he kisses my forehead, the way he hugs me when I cry during movies and above all the way he makes me laugh. 

It’s that last one that really keeps me coming back.  That alone trumps a million dirty towels. 


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